Party Hours

*Depending on Availability*



1-10 children = $160
11-15 children = $175
16-20 children = $200
Over 20 children = $10 per child*Maximum of 24 children*
A $50 non-refundable deposit must be made to hold the desired time slot. No exceptions.The deposit will be applied to your balance. We require a final child count by the Thursday prior to the birthday party. The remaining balance is due at the beginning of the party. You will be charged for the child count number we were given on Thursday PLUS any additional children who show.
We accept VISA, MC, DISC, AMEX. 

What to expect..

The first 45 minutes is fun gymnastic time. Our staff will entertain the children in the gym with age appropriate activities (catering to the age of the majority). Parents may use this time to set up the party room. We supply two 5 foot tables, but parents are to provide the paper goods, food items, party favors.

The second 45 minutes is party time! This time is parent supervised, and no children will be allowed on the gym floor at this time. This is the time for eating, presents, and celebrating the birthday child!

We provide trash bags and assist in cleaning up after the party. 

Please be on time.  It will be greatly appreciated by us, and most importantly by the party before and after yours.

What should you tell your guests?

- All children must have a waiver form completely filled out by their legal guardian
- Children should wear soft clothing, without any zippers, snaps or buttons 
- Hair must be pulled back
- Children should not wear jewelry
- Children may wear cotton socks or be barefoot during gymnastic time

Anyone who does not follow these guidelines will not be able to participate in gymnastic time.

Safety Rules

- Parents are not permitted on the gym floor unless the child is under 3 years old.  If so, the 3 year old must be accompanied by an adult.
- 1 parent at a time may take pictures by the gym door