Recreational classes provide an atmosphere for building more advanced skills without the intensified training of competitive gymnastics. We provide enthusiastic instruction while always offering quality gymnastics!

5 - 8 years old

This class is designed for boys to learn the basic gymnastics elements. They will learn basic skills on the six Olympic men's events. The class progresses building strength and capacity to graduate to the next level

8 years old and up

This class is designed for boys who have mastered the beginner skills or are at least 8 years old. At this level the boys will be instructed on all six Olympic events at their own ability level.

5 years old and up
Action packed agility and ninja skills class! This class is for students that are interested in mastering agility skills through fast paced fun obstacle courses!

5 years old and up

This class is for students interested in learning and mastering tumbling skills. The program covers instruction on a 30 foot AAI Fast Track tumbling trampoline, gymnastic floor, and an in-ground trampoline. The beginner class introduces and builds upon the basics of gymnastic tumbling and aerial movements, while the intermediate class builds to advance these skills.