Recreational classes provide an atmosphere for building more advanced skills without the intensified training of competitive gymnastics. We provide enthusiastic instruction while always offering quality gymnastics!

Mighty Might Girls - 5 to 7 years old (Beginning)
This class is designed for girls to learn the basic gymnastic elements. They will learn skills on the vault, bars, beam, and floor, which will enable them to move to the next level. Classes are fun and exciting infused with the Poway Gymnastics' dedication to proper technique and instruction.


5 years old & up 
This class is for girls who have mastered the basic gymnastic skills and are ready to be introduced to Advanced beginner skills. At this level, the class is 90 minutes.


9 years old & up 
This class is for girls to master the intermediate & advanced intermediate skills. At this level they will learn and master the skills that will enable them to put together routines.  At this level, the class length increases to 120 minutes to facilitate learning the more challenging routines.

5 years old and up
Action packed agility and ninja skills class! This class is for students that are interested in mastering agility skills through fast paced fun obstacle courses!

This class is designed for students who have mastered the advanced skills in gymnastics and are ready for an additional challenge. The Devo program provides the opportunity to perform, in competition, the USA Gymnastics Level 4 routines without a requirement to do so. Students can also choose to compete individual events or the all around. This class requires an invitation or evaluation to join.

This class is designed for high school competitive gymnasts to prepare for their season and/or to complement their training while in season. 
Please contact the gym if you are interested in this program.

5 years old and up

This class is for students interested in learning and mastering tumbling skills. The program covers instruction on a 30 foot AAI Fast Track tumbling trampoline, gymnastic floor, and an in-ground trampoline. The beginner class introduces and builds upon the basics of gymnastic tumbling and aerial movements, while the intermediate class builds to advance these skills.